Past Conditions

Red Light
April 19, 2023 : 12:10 PM -

2023-04-23-ANC Spring Ban 24hr

ANC Road/Berland Resource Road (DLO930569)

24-hour Spring road ban will come into effect Sunday, April 23, 2023, at 10 pm.

All traffic over 1 ton is banned from using the road.

See attached for more details.

Thank you for helping to limit damage to the roads.

Green Light
May 27, 2024 : 9:30 AM -

Effective 10:00 am Wednesday, May 29th ANC is LIFTING the 24-hour road ban on the Berland Resource Road (ANC ROAD) and all other ANC roads.  

  • Please see the attached notice for further information.
  • The removal of the ban is completely weather-dependent and may be placed back on with short notice.
  • Please provide road use notice via www.ancroad.com at least 48 hours prior to use of the roads.
  • 2024_road ban lifted
Red Light
April 4, 2024 : 11:44 AM -

24-hr ban on the ANC Haul road and all other ANC Roads will start on Saturday April 6th. Permits that were in place during the 12-hr ban are still valid and can be used during the 24-hr ban. If you need a permit, please obtain from this website. Instructions are located in the Help tab. Please remember to check your junk mail if you do not receive the permit &/or ask your IT department to mark emails from the ANC website as safe.

Please drive for the conditions of the road(s) and stay safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

2024 Spring Ban 24hr


Red Light
March 12, 2024 : 1:25 PM -

A 12-hour road ban will be in effect at 10 am on Monday, March 18th.

**If you do not receive your permit, and have checked your junk mail, please contact your company to add website@ancroad.com to their safe list **

The ban hours are daily from 10am to 10pm. If travel during this time cannot be avoided, you must travel with a Permit Number – obtained via this website – this includes trucks hauling produced fluids, the expectation during the 12-hr ban is to travel OUTSIDE of the ban hrs.

See the Help tab for step-by-step instructions if needed.

Travel will not be restricted for vehicles 1 ton and under.

Please see the attached notification for further details.

2024 ANC Spring Ban 12hr

Yellow Light
March 6, 2024 : 12:18 PM -

Ban implementation is completely weather dependent and we will update this website as well as send out communication when a ban implementation date is decided. In the meantime, please review the provided documentation and get permits in place if required, so that you are ready.

Permit Options:

  • Set up the permits you will need ahead of time.
    • On this website, submit a “Report Road Use” form; after completing the top section of the form, choose “Report Road Use” from the options to continue, agree to the fees, and then submit. You will receive an email summary of your submission with a Permit #, the Permit # is also shown in the Subject line.
  • Choose how you want to manage your permits.
    • You will need at least one permit per SURFACE location to provide to all drivers headed to that location.
    • You can have additional permits to separate activities at the surface location. IE: per contractor, drilling phase etc, this is the Company’s choice to help with separating fees and approvals on their end.

Once the permits are created, ensure that the contractors/operators have copies for their drivers to show at the km103 gate check point and roaming patrol.

For Guidance on the Form/website:

2024_Preparation for spring bans

Green Light
February 26, 2024 : 2:08 PM -

The gate has been repaired and is now up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Red Light
February 16, 2024 : 8:56 AM -

Please note that the manual yellow gate is now in effect at km186 as the automatic gate has been damaged. The manual gate must be closed and locked at all times. Please refer to your road use agreement for the combination code. Please email ancroad@albertanewsprint.com or thirdpartyrequests@geoverra.com if you require assistance. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Green Light
December 7, 2023 : 11:48 AM -

The automatic gate at km186 on the ANC Haul Road is now active. You must get a code from the parent company that you are working for. If you don’t know your code, please call the contact person for the company you are working for. They will have received a code with their road use agreement. After you enter your valid code, press # key. To activate the gate when leaving this area (driving east), stay to the LEFT side of the road, this is where the exit probe is located.

Thank you.



Green Light
November 22, 2023 : 2:53 PM -

Automatic Gate will be closed on Friday December 1, 2023. On this date you will be required to use your authorized access code.

Access codes have been sent out to all road use agreement holders. Please ensure you receive an authorized code from your company or parent company you are working for. Each code is company specific.

Automatic Gate Notice_Nov23

Red Light
November 21, 2023 : 8:24 AM -

A new automatic wildlife management gate has been installed on the ANC Road at km186. Each company that holds a Road Use Agreement for access through this gate will be provided with a notification letter and approved access code. It is the responsibility of the Company that holds the Road Use Agreement to give this code to employees and applicable contractors. This code MUST NOT be shared with unauthorized personnel. Notice will be sent out the week of Nov 20th – Please be patient as we get this information out.

In the meantime, the manual gate MUST be closed and locked at all times.

If you have questions, please email ancroad@albertanewsprint.com

Yellow Light
August 30, 2023 : 4:12 PM -

Bridge repairs on the ANC Haul Road are taking place at km199 & km192 Aug 30, 31 & Sept 1, 2023. Please slow down and watch for workers. Expect some delays.

Thank you.